Jammer Features

 Cellular signal jammers are special devices that were created specifically to protect people. They transmit certain signals, which are translated as noise, due to which the signal of a certain device is disturbed and blocked. Thus, you prevent the use of any devices in places where it is prohibited. And the main advantage is that the signal is almost impossible to recover.


  In other words, the signal from the jamming device interferes with the signals sent by the base stations in the zone where the blocked user is located, causing degradation so severe that it is impossible to exchange useful communication messages between the user and the recipient.


   Communication services that are blocked, disrupted, or interfered with by cell phone jammers include cell phone calls, text messages, GPS positioning signals, data services, Wi-Fi networks, and others.


 The main characteristics of jammers

  Although these devices perform the same function on a general level, they have different specifications depending on their use or functionality.


  Among its most notable features are the following:

  - Fixed or adjustable transmit power for each operating range

  - DL or UL rated operating frequency ranges

  -Out-of-band emissions

  - Omnidirectional antenna

  - Remote monitoring and control system

  -Power consumption and electrical efficiency


  -External control panel

  -Alarm clocks

  - Resistance to environmental factors

  -Operating temperature range

  - Levels of generated electromagnetic field


 It is important to note that while these devices are widely used to jam the RF signals of cellular technologies, they can also interfere with other technologies operating within their operating bands, as they do not perform any analysis of the communications that should be affected by interference.  y users attempting to communicate, which does not distinguish between the affected terminals.


 Now you know the main characteristics and features of jammers. If you need to suppress communication somewhere and make it inaccessible to use certain devices, you can safely use this technology.  The main thing before this is to decide what characteristics the device should have in order to choose the right option.